The Property

The property of San Gabriele Archangelo (SGA) is located in the municipality of Cinigiano, at the heart of Maremma in Tuscany, Italy. At its current form, the SGA property, is a result of a five-year long creative process which involved the acquisition of 4 separate parts of land.

These purchases were based on the intention to select the single most excellent spots, as far climatic and morphological conditions are concerned. As a result, the overall extent of SGA is divided on 3 different hills. The San Gabriele Archangelo property has been applying biological agronomic practices and, as a result, is certificated by ICEA (Italian institution responsible for the certification of biological production). From pruning till the final collection of the products, SGA uses strictly manual methods for both the vineyards and the olive tree plantation. As far as the wine is concerned, the main goal of SGA is to produce an exclusively organic wine.